Garlic Storm *Organic (90% Indica/10% Sativa) 1 Oz bag


We love that we get to work with this amazing local producer. Sweet Leaf Organics cares deeply about all their products and what they use on them, they know what goes into the soil can make its way into us. Working with a purely organic company is such a pleasure for our medical patients and just another reason we can say we bring you the best of whatever you are looking for.


According to folklore, garlic is thought to protect people and homes from vampires and werewolves, as well as curing sickness such as colds and coughs. While we can’t confirm or deny garlic’s ability to achieve the aforementioned, we can confirm that Sweet Leaf Organics' Garlic Storm can make your night a whole lot better. 

This dense little bud is covered in vibrant orange pistils and a light dusting of frost. While whole, the bud gives off a potent fruit scent with a hint of earthiness that foreshadows what’s inside. The crumbly bud broke down perfectly to fill the bowl of our brand new My Bud Vase. Our first toke filled our lungs with super smooth smoke and the distinctive earthy flavor we were hoping for. With so few garlic strains on the Alaskan market, the novelty of Garlic Storm felt a lot like smoking weed for the very first time. 

Within seconds, we were smacked in the face with a heavy cerebral buzz that suddenly made all our worries dissipate. Before we knew it, the high stretched all the way down to our toes and left us so relaxed we may as well have been sitting on a beach in Hawaii. The relaxation was made even better as we felt our tight muscles loosen for the first time in months. Before we knew it, we were loudly snoring while endless episodes of Project Runway played in the background. 

In short, Garlic Storm is sleepiness, pain relief and a cerebral buzz – all mixed into one deeply satisfying smoke session. 


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$100 Oz - Garlic Storm (Indica Dominant Hybrid)

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