Our cheapest strains yet!

What is very interesting about these strains is that they all came from a Medical grower. They legally can not sell these buds because they are to small and until recently had just been incinerating them! We worked out a deal that allows us to get you these perfectly good tiny nugs for an amazing price! On top of all that because it is from a medical LP that means it has the most stringent testing in all of Canada, products are not allowed to be sold if they have anything above 0 when they test for nutrients.

Give some of these popcorn buds a try and let us know what you think!

We will guarentee they are impossible to beat for $45 an Oz.

The variety won't last long though so hurry up and get yours now!


If you are interested in a more specific strain or something in a smaller amount check out our Flower page 



45$ Ozs