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Phoenix Tears are made by soaking the cannabis flower in isopropyl alcohol. The medicinal compounds are extracted from the plant resulting in a tar-like substance. Phoenix Tears can be taken orally or applied topically to the skin, our strains are generally between 70%-80% THC (% & Strain vary by batch)

Preventing Cancer

One of the most important benefits of Phoenix Tears (RSO) is that it can help in preventing cancer. The cannabinoids like THC and CBD present in the oil can help in reducing the spread of the cancer cells. The cannabinoids blocks the pathway of energy to the cancer cells. Hence, leads to the death of cancer cells.

Relieving Anxiety

RSO oil contains high amount of THC, THC is responsible for releasing pleasure hormones which can help to reduce stress and calm the mind. Thereby, helping to reduce anxiety.

Inducing Sleep

 The cannabinoids present in the oil, like CBN can help to relax the body and mind completely. While reducing the heart rate, it can help individuals to get peaceful sleep.

Boosting Appetite

The cannabinoids in the oil can help in boosting the appetite of a person. It can help in generating hunger among person. Thus, they would ensure that the digestive system works at a regular level.

Relieving Pain

The anti-inflammatory property of the cannabinoids can help in reducing the level of pain of people suffering from cancer.

Heart Health

Another important reason to take RSO is for improving your heart's health. The volatile nature of the oil can help to balance the negative oil present in our system. Moreover, the antioxidant property can help to get rid of bad cholesterol from our bodies.

Skin Care

One can use Phoenix Tears in order to take care of the skin. It can protect the skin and help in the re-growth of healthy skin.

In order to achieve the aforementioned health benefits, you should buy RSO. So many people have made the most of this oil and achieve a healthy life, cured their cancer or move without pain.

Indica Phoenix Tears

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