1 Preroll / 3 pack

These are premium strains in Raw cones. We want to make sure we keep everyone stoned and happy so we make sure to filled each cone with 

.75g - 1gram of premium bud mixed with a concentrate to keep you in outer space.

The Shatter Joints look a little withered because they are dripping with shatter, they are my absolute favorite to smoke when I'm to busy to get the dab rig out.

Current Options:

-Frostbite (Sativa) bud and enhanced with Frostbite (Sativa) Shatter

-Frostbite (Sativa) bud and enhanced with Cracker Jack (Sativa) Shatter

-Ice Cream Cake (Indica) bud and enhanced with High Grade Keif Hash

Pre-rolls with more than an extra kick !!

Infused Pre-Rolls

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