Rock Bubba (Indica Dominant Hybrid)  1 oz Bag


Rock Bubba is also often called BC Rockstar, Rock Bubba is one of the most famous and most potent strains in the market right now. Especially popular in British Columbia, this Indica dominant hybrid is often between 75% and 80% indica, and extremely famous for it’s high THC indica. The strain itself has been created by crossing the Bubba Kush with the extremely famous Rockstar breed, both of which are high THC indica strains. As a result, Rock Bubba Strain often packs upto 22% of highly potent THC content, which makes the strain useful for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Rock Bubba is famous all over the world as one of the most potent, high THC strains in the market. It packs a powerful punch and delivers an exquisite high which can leave the user sedated and relaxed for hours on end. This is why the strain is commonly used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The high begins with a feeling of delight and euphoria, which quickly hits the mind and clears it of any racing thoughts of anxiety. Soon after that, the high starts to set into the body with a low relaxing buzz which leaves you couch locked and in a sedated state. This couch lock comes with a heavy case of the munchies, and for inexperienced users, can also cause fear or paranoia.

Due to it’s heavy effects, Rock Bubba Strain is often used to treat conditions like chronic pain, chronic stress and anxiety.


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Okanagan Cannabis - Rock Bubba