2 sizes and 2 styles

Standard flower bombs

$5/60grams and $8/120g 

High end relaxation bombs

$10/60g and $20/120g


Explore and find which blends best suit you and/or your loved ones.


Turn ones bath into the ultimate relaxation experience. An enhanced effect of full-spectrum cannabinoids combined with terpenes and essential oils. We choose our essential oil blends with specific effects in mind, so you only need to worry about unwinding. These luxurious bath bombs are locally hand made and wonderfully infused. Topicals are absorbed through our largest organ the skin. Well much milder than oral it has amazing soma effects. 


Standard flower bombs

Coconut, castor, avocado oils

High end relaxation bombs

Coconut, apricot, jojoba oils


*Hint* if not a fan of floating flowers put bomb in a reusable tea bag or mesh bag. 


THC Bath Bombs *