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1 Gram

There are a couple different products that call themselves "Caviar", so to avoid any confusion I will explain to you what this "Caviar" is comprised of.


This is a combination of THC diamonds mixed with High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract a.k.a. terp sauce. THC diamonds are almost pure THC with everything else stripped out, while the terp sauce is made using an extraction method that aims to retain as much of the original compounds in the cannabis plant as possible. This provides a combination of an ultra high THC profile along with the full spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other beneficial compounds.

This is a real treat and if you want the most efficient and tastiest high you've ever had, look no further the Caviar by Shuswap Gold.

Caviar - Shuswap Gold

C$25.00 Regular Price
C$20.00Sale Price
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