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We’ve just enhanced our famous Packwoods Delta 8 Disposables! These new disposables are infused with 2 grams of live resin extracted delta-8 THC which is known for providing immensely potent and flavorful experiences as opposed to used dried, cured flower and only containing 1.5g. Our brand new, innovative device comes pre-charged, has better airflow, produces much more vapor, and is also rechargeable with via a USB-C cable. Naturally-derived strain specific terpenes are blended with our top-grade distillate.

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options are offered so you can get the exact experience you desire.


-2 gram disposable infused with delta-8 THC
-Immensely potent
-Third-party lab tested

PackwoodsXRunts Vape Pen

C$55.00 Regular Price
C$50.00Sale Price
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